6-hour hostage situation in Homewood apartment ends with woman hospitalized and suspect jailed

A six-hour hostage situation and police confrontation at a Homewood apartment complex ended with the hospitalization of a woman and the arrest of a man.

Police were dispatched at 3.10pm on Friday to Buckingham Park on Aspen Circle. sergeant. John Carr said he was told of an injured woman crying for help from the outside staircase of a building.

The victim asked a passerby for help but was dragged back into the apartment against his will by the man.

Homewood’s Tactical Team and Crisis Bargaining Unit were activated and responded to the scene. They tried to negotiate with the suspect for hours, Carr said, but he refused to release the woman.

“After several hours of unsuccessful attempts to get the suspect to release the victim,” Carr said, “it became necessary for the tactical team to perform a rescue of the victim due to his screams and the immediate threat to his safety”.

The police broke into the apartment. The suspect, who had a shotgun and pistol nearby, was taken into custody without further incident.

The situation ended around 9 p.m.

The suspect’s name is being withheld pending formal charges. He faces domestic violence, firearms and drug charges.

The victim was taken to hospital. His injuries are not life threatening.