A glimpse into Johnny Depp’s $55 million French village

Johnny Depp is the proud owner of an entire French village worth $55 million.

American actor, producer and musician Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, no wonder he has amassed a net worth of $150 million. Over the years, the actor has won many accolades and recognitions for his exemplary acting skills. It was reported that he earned around $20 million per project and even racked up a total of $650 million in salaries. However, due to Depp’s incredibly lavish lifestyle, it’s been said that most of his wealth is gone. Rumor has it that he even spends around $2 million a month to support himself.

Although he is a big spender, Depp also knows how to invest his hard-earned money. He owns many assets and properties and among them is his French village where he lived with his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and their children. Take a look at his magnificent French Village estate.

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3 French Village Estate Details

Johnny Depp bought the French Village in 2001 for an undisclosed amount. Over the years, he has spent millions renovating the 19th century estate. It was reported that he created the French-themed estate because he was in a relationship with French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis with whom he had a 14-year relationship. The two spent most of their time in the village with their two children named Lily-Rose and Jack. The family seems to enjoy the French Village as it has everything they need to entertain themselves.

The estate has a primary residence space of 4,500 square feet. As you explore the estate, one can see the lush surroundings and the magnificent 300-year-old oaks, vines and olive trees. It has been reported that Johnny Depp decorated the village structures himself. He even built a bistro on site called Chez Marceline. The square footage of the village living spaces would be approximately 12,900 to 14,500 square feet.

2 Estate Features and Amenities

The estate has five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms in the main residence, while there are six guest houses scattered throughout the village. It was reported that the guesthouses built were once the town church. The village has lots of amazing features, including the covered wagon with a bathroom and a kitchen, a pirate lair that is expected for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp, an art studio and a full gym. There is also an outdoor dining area located in the village square. The village has a beautiful private residence to the Depp family. The entire village has all the luxurious amenities needed for an A-lister celebrity such as a wine cellar, skate park, bistro and many houses. The village is also loaded with charm with its aesthetically pleasing bathrooms and bedrooms scattered around the village.

The 19th century village is located about 27 km from the celebrity hotspot, Saint-Tropez. Depp purchased the property during the height of his Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. He made sure to turn the place into an idyllic place to live with his family while he and Vanessa Paradis enjoyed the estate and the local surroundings of the estate. Besides the bedrooms in the main house, there are a total of 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms scattered throughout the living areas of the village. It has been reported that Depp spent around $10 million to preserve the village’s stone and beam structures without destroying the original features. There is also a restaurant in the village with a full professional kitchen, a huge garage and even a laundry room.

1 List property

Johnny Depp has listed his French village since 2015 and still has no luck selling the place. Depp first listed the property in 2015 and 2016, with the price rising from $25 million to $63 million. He just put it back on sale last year for $55 million. Depp’s French Village has more than a dozen buildings and when it first listed in June 2015 with Côte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty, it was priced around $26 million. The initial listing was taken off the market just after a few months. It was then listed again, but with Michaël Zingraf of France-based Michaël Zingraf Real Estate and Rick Hilton of Hilton & Hyland. Both companies mentioned are exclusive subsidiaries of Christie’s International Real Estate. Depp has sold approximately eight works of art by artist Jean-Michel Basquiatt through Christie’s International Real Estate, earning him a total of $14.6 million.

Pirates of the Caribbean The actor believes the first listing was well below his appropriate price and it was Depp who decided to list the property for $55 million. According to Depp, the property is ideal for buyers seeking privacy. Several billionaires have already inquired about the property, but to date the property remains in Depp’s hands.

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