Apartment building east of Las Vegas with severe water damage deemed unlivable

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Caution tape is now blocking the Karen West apartments. Signs were placed on each door Saturday advising residents that the building is habitable and that they should move out.

The building suffered severe water damage during a storm at the end of July, then last Thursday’s downpour made the situation worse.

There are holes in the ceilings as well as damp molded walls.

The property management company has booked a hotel stay until Wednesday for the 15 impacted accommodations. It looks like tenants will have to find new accommodation after that.

” I do not know where. Whether I put my things away or find them somewhere else, but it really cost us because we have to move to get our things and it’s an expense,” said tenant Doris Adanaque. “It’s an expense we didn’t expect.”

Adanaque lived at the complex for 13 years. When she left her apartment on Saturday, it was in poor condition with water-damaged ceilings and walls.

“It’s just a smell that you can’t get rid of,” she explained.

Adanaque said she was grateful for the temporary hotel, but had to take her cat Sebastian to boarding until she found a more permanent solution.

Their property management company, Home365, told FOX5 there was no timeline for the fixes, but it would be a long process. They said the owner is responsible for all repairs.

Some crews with tools were at the resort Monday night.

“Why did they take so long to respond?” Adanaque said.

The tarps on the roof were only put up on Friday. It was 14 days after the first storm that caused serious damage.

Rent will be refunded for the month and security deposits will be returned in full, according to the property management company.

“I think the best thing to do is stay upbeat and positive because life has to go on,” Adanaque said.

The property management company said it was covering everyone’s hotel costs until Wednesday. The company said it would help residents find a new place if they needed help.