Aston Villa co-owner Wes Edens mixes business and pleasure with Leon Bailey’s brilliant gesture

Wes Edens surprised Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness with an Aston Villa Leon Bailey shirt.

The Villa’s co-owner met with Holness to discuss a partnership with the American businessman’s energy company, New Fortress Energy.

In 2014, Edens founded New Fortress Energy with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and fostering economic development through universal access to cleaner, affordable and reliable energy.

As CEO, he led the company’s growth into a global energy leader using initiatives focused on renewable hydrogen and clean technologies.

Edens also has the company’s long-term vision of becoming one of the world’s leading providers of carbon-free electricity.

The villa’s co-owner shared a meeting with Jamaican Head of Government Holness, who said on Twitter: “In 2019, I commissioned a historic floating storage regasification terminal, which was made possible by a partnership with New Fortress Energy This morning I received a courtesy call from Wesley Edens, the founder of New Fortress Energy.

“We discussed ways to develop the energy sector in Jamaica to ensure that Jamaica’s energy supply is more efficient and sustainable. I also received an Aston Villa Leon Bailey jersey.

“We look forward to strengthening our cooperation through future investments with New Fortress Energy.”

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