Beloit village council members maintain alcohol ban

BELOIT – The inhabitants of the village will not celebrate the New Year with a legal drink.

Council members did not lift the village’s ban on possession of alcohol at a meeting on Monday. After a 2-2 split, Mayor Eric Augustein voted to keep Beloit dry.

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Beloit, a rural community of about 900 people located in southwest Mahoning County, has an ordinance dating back to 1929 that prohibits the possession of alcohol within village boundaries.

The order states that anyone found in possession of alcohol will be fined $ 100 to $ 500 for their first offense and $ 200 to $ 500 for their second offense.

Several months ago, City Councilor Deb Gabrelcik proposed to repeal the Prohibition Era Ordinance. Beloit is not enforcing the alcohol ban, she said, and many residents are unaware it exists.

Gabrelcik and Councilor Laura Schaeffer voted to repeal the ordinance, while Councilor Matt Hutton and Councilor Sherry Augustein voted against.

Members Ronald Armitage and Josh Scott were absent from Monday’s meeting.

Gabrelcik said she was “shocked” by the outcome of the vote. She said she asked other council members if they had any concerns about repealing the ordinance when she proposed the idea and received no opposition.

“For (a prescription) like that, we have to read it three times,” she said. “So two months ago, the ordinance was read aloud and its repeal was passed unanimously. No one even blinked.”

It is not known why council members voted against the repeal of the ordinance.

Hutton declined a request for comment.

Eric and Sherry Augustein did not respond to requests for comment on Tuesday.

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