Clarkesville Affordable Apartment Complex to be Completed in Early 2022

Habersham County is in desperate need of affordable housing, and renters looking for a place to call home can expect the completion of a three-building, 72-unit affordable apartment complex on Highway 115 in Clarkesville.

In 2015, discussions about installing a 72-apartment complex in Clarkesville began, but never materialized due to a lack of funding. In 2019, a new proposal in the same location for a 72-unit complex arrived in the city, but this time with the means to build it.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs has provided a tax credit to Piedmont Housing Group, a developer based in Roswell, Georgia, as part of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project. The goal of the GDC project is to bring affordable housing to neighborhoods across the state.

The developer says that by early 2022, Clarkesville’s “Sutton Terrace Apartments” will be ready for rent.

Sutton Terrace is adjacent to Habersham Hardware and across from Holland Produce in Clarkesville. The apartment complex will include one, two and three bedroom units with limited income to allow only those in need of affordable housing to rent. (Joy Purcell / Now Habersham)

According to a study carried out for DCA at the Clarkesville apartment complex, the 3-building complex will be low-income for those in need of affordable housing. The apartments will consist of units whose rent is based on the Habersham Area Median Income (AMI); Rent for 15 of the 72 units will be based on the 50% MAI, and the rent for other units will be based on the 60% MAI.

The LIHTC project requires that development be accessible to the elderly and low-income families; the income restriction is set differently for different apartment sizes. For example, a family earning more than $ 28,020 per year would not be able to rent a one bedroom apartment in the developing complex.

The development has two different rental types, units at 50 percent of Habersham Area Median Income (AMI) will represent 15 of the units, while units at 60 percent of AMI will make up the remaining 57.

The apartment complex will consist of three three-story apartment buildings with one, two and three bedroom apartments, a clubhouse, fitness center, playground and community garden.

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