Eight injured in partial Texas building collapse after apparent gas explosion

An apparent gas explosion in Dallas injured four firefighters and four civilians and caused an apartment building to partially collapse, local officials said.

Of the eight people hospitalized, three firefighters are in critical condition, while the other firefighter and four civilians are in stable condition, Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesperson Jason Evans told a press conference. .

Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to a 10:21 am call to smell natural gas at 5726 Highland Hills Road in south Dallas, officials said Wednesday.

While firefighters were investigating, an explosion occurred, “causing the two-story building to partially collapse,” Dallas Fire-Rescue said.

The six injured people were taken to a local hospital, but their state of health is unknown, they said.

“There is no information on the cause of the explosion, as it will be a joint investigation involving the DFR, as well as several local, state and federal agencies, to determine exactly what happened.” Dallas Fire-Rescue said.

KXAS-TV, a subsidiary of NBC News reported from the scene that although the explosion “appears to have damaged at least two other buildings, firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze before it consumed the building or spread to adjacent buildings.”

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson tweeted: “Please pray for our firefighters and for the civilians who have been injured.”