Harvestella Details Lethe Village, Higan Canyon, Omen Race, Break Gauges/Special Attacks, More

Square Enix has passed on a new batch of details for Harvestella covering a number of aspects including Lethe Village, Higan Canyon, Omen Race, Break Gauges/Special Attacks, and more. The latest set of screenshots is also available.


Our protagonist wakes up on a hill near the village of Lethe, having been saved by a doctor named Cres. A meteorite-like object blazes into the sky and falls north of the village of Lethe. A wounded Omen is found inside the object. Omens are said to be the source of calamity befalling this world. The protagonist begins his new life, living in a vacant house on the hill and watching over the Omen.

play cycle

You will always wake up in your bed at home. Whether you choose to work in the fields or go on an adventure, your day’s activities are entirely up to you. However, the actions you can take will become more limited as you begin to feel drowsy. Make sure you get home and go to bed before the night is out!

Fall Places: Lethe Village

A village near Fall Seaslight and near the hill known as Bird’s Eye Brae, where the protagonist has made his home. Since Lethe is reasonably close to all of the Seaslights, he knows all four seasons.

There are all sorts of useful businesses in Lethe Village, where you can find everyday essentials or make preparations before setting off on an adventure (General Store, Blacksmith, Renovator).

Fall locations: Higan Canyon

The path to the Fall Seaslight passes through Higan Canyon, characterized by its striking foliage that blazes a deep crimson. In pursuit of the girl who left for the Seaslight, the protagonist heads into the depths of Higan Canyon.

Dianthus – Race: Omen

Dianthus is an omen whose race would be the cause of Quietus. As she heads to the Fall Seaslight for her needs, she becomes unable to move through Higan Canyon. After being rescued by the protagonist, they continue together to the Fall Seaslight.


Omens are hated and feared by humans. They cover themselves in thick armor and investigate the Seaslights though their motives are unknown. Due to such actions, a good number of people suspect that the Omens are behind the appearance of Quietus. Omens are shrouded in mystery. What is their goal?


Jobs have unique weapons and use characteristic skills. By recruiting a character with a certain job, the player-controlled protagonist will also become able to use that same job.

Assault Savant: A job that uses science and martial arts, he can use skills to change the attributes and effects of his regular attacks.

Changing jobs also changes outfits!

Break Gauges / Special Attacks

Stronger enemies such as bosses have 4 types of “elemental weakness”. Attacking their elemental weaknesses fills up break gauges which will increase damage dealt to enemies and allow you to activate a unique special attack during a battle.

– Break Gauge: The respective elemental gauges are located at the top left of the battle screen. Gauges will be in a “breaking state” when filled, allowing you to deal more damage to enemies.

– Double Break: You can learn special attacks by strengthening your bond with your comrades. Special attacks can be activated once adjacent break gauges enter a break state.

Fall Specials

Some produce can be harvested all year round, while some types of fruits and vegetables can only be harvested in a particular season! Savor the seasonal work on the farm and the cuisine that is unique to each season.


You will sometimes receive letters in your mailbox. They can contain gifts from the mayor or thanks from people you have helped. Some letters can even lead to the start of a new story.

Daily life: pets

In the area around your house on Bird’s Eye Brae, you can keep a pet and even breed livestock. Mount your pet Totokaku to quickly navigate the world map!

– Your Totokaku is not just for travelling, sometimes it can dig something up…!

– Feed your Totokaku to help it grow and get stronger. As he levels up, he will be able to do more things during the journey!

Daily life: Breeding

Building animal enclosures near your house on Bird’s Eye Brae will allow you to breed owls and woollys. Raising cattle will allow you to get eggs and milk, which you can then use in your cooking.

– In addition to eggs and milk, there are some things you can get by increasing your bond with your livestock. You can increase the number of animals you can take care of by building more animal enclosures.

– Feeding can be done with the Feed Maker processor.

Check out the gallery below for a closer look at Lethe Village, Higan Canyon, Omen Race, Break Gauges/Special Attacks, and more in Harvestella.

Harvestella is due out on Switch on November 4, 2022. The previous batch of info can be found here.