Holmen Rotary donates five AEDs to village businesses, more

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) – Automated External Defibrillators, or AED units, are used to help people with sudden cardiac arrest. These tools can save lives. The Holmen Rotary Club has nine to donate to businesses in the village.

In places without good access to medical services, cardiac arrest survivor Cheri Olson says the survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest is 5-10%.

But with more access comes better survival rates.

“You can get up to 40-50% survival. So there are a lot of people who could be there who wouldn’t be there if we didn’t intervene immediately,” Olson said.

Olson suffered sudden cardiac arrest 14 years ago.

“I had my cardiac arrest in a clinic room, which is the best place to have it because there were nurses and doctors right there,” Olson said.

She survived, largely thanks to an AED.

“It really changes your perspective on life when you go from a functional person who has no medical issues to someone who had a cardiac arrest and who, without any intervention, could have died,” said Olson.

The Holmen Rotary Club hopes to improve access to AEDs in its community. With the help of Winona State University nursing students, the club chose five companies to donate AEDs to.

“We looked at different places that would be high-risk places — places where you might have crowds, places where people might be older, people might be engaged in physical activity,” said Carrie Travis, professor. involved in the project at Winona State. .

The companies that received the donations on Thursday were Holmen Ace Hardware & Rental, Be Fit Gym, The Holmen Area Community Center, Features Holmen and Drugan’s Castle Mound Golf Course.

There are still four left to give away. For Holmen business owners who wish to receive an AED, more information can be found on the Holmen Rotary website.

“DEA intervention can save lives. Can and does save lives,” Travis said.

Winona State students also encouraged people to download the PulsePoint AED app, which helps identify where AEDs are located in the community.

The Holmen Area Community Center will also host AED training courses on April 25 and 26.

Travis says anyone can use an AED.