How to navigate Faubourg Saint-Germain des Invalides in Steelrising

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  • Mansion of Monsieur Necker

Your quest to save the resistance has now brought you back to Les Invalides. But do not worry, Steelrise isn’t recycling areas you’ve already been through. This time, you will explore the Faubourg Saint-Germain; which is a whole new section of this sprawling map.

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Your time will be spent meandering through lavish estates, looting crumbling apartments, and generally smashing robots. You can even dance along with a familiar-looking Unstable Automat. Read this guide to stay on track and avoid getting hopelessly lost. We may even do yourself a favor and direct you to the best treasures.


Faubourg Saint Germain

You will start this stage by entering through the giant golden doors next to your carriage. Follow the street and turn left under the arch. You will enter a domain. There is a Lightning Ram placed under the stairs and a Lancer placed above them. Run right past the Lightning Ram, take out the Lancer first, then finish off the brute. The hedge wall has an open passage. Go through. If you are traveling straight, there will be one of these automatons.

While you may be tempted to sneak up on the Lunger, what you don’t see is that there’s a Lancer to their left (hidden by a building), waiting to shoot you as you sneak up on their boyfriend. Instead, lure the Lunger towards you, away from the clearing; this way you won’t have to deal with the Lancer’s projectiles while you’re fighting them. After killing it, chase the Lancer as well. To the right of where the Lunger was patrolling is an open door, enter this area and pick up the key to the downed automaton module in the cornerthen walk down the path you fought the Lunger and Lancer on.

The next area you enter will have a vestal; activate it, then head to the garden and find the two pieces of evidence. The first is in the house itself. You will have one of these visions. Open the chest in this room to get the Quadrille Panties, Shoes, and Fire and Ice weapon. Once you leave this building, travel to your left (you will need to loop around a hedge). The next piece of evidence will be sitting in front of a smaller building here. Once you have both proofs, return to the vestal.

Go down the alley that is in front of the area in which we found these clues. Look up and you will see a grapple point. Hang on up there, then move around the apartment and onto the balcony. The door in front of this balcony has been folded, so you can perform an air dash and navigate right through it. You will enter the mansion of Monsieur Necker.

Mansion of Monsieur Necker

Now take out the trumpet-playing automata and open the front doors by pulling the lever. At the top of the stairs you will fight a Spider Automat and a Tar Spraying Automat which is a variation of the Butcher type. The Tar Flinging Automat can throw hot tar at you from its bucket, and it can pour the tar into its furnace-like belly to spurt flames out of it.

However, a good old fully charged attack will still put him on his butt. So when you see an opening, let one rip, then follow it with another. All in all, they are not that different from the Club-Wielding version. Keep going up and you’ll eliminate two more trumpet-playing automatons. Now look for a pile of large logs stacked near a curved fence. Jump over and over said fence. You will return to the Faubourg Saint-Germain.

Faubourg Saint Germain

Take the glowing jewel at the end of the street to trigger another memory, then head towards the townhouse on your right. Hang on to the second floor, cross the apartment, then jump to the other side. Go down and destroy your first unstable Pilliary Ram type automaton. There is another standard automaton as well as a spider automaton, so don’t be surprised if you end up having to fight them all at once. To avoid this, move the Statuary Ram closer to the building it came out of. Now turn left and you’ll face the unstable Frost Acolyte.

Unstable Frost Acolyte

So… it’s just the Ball-And-Chain Automat. The same one you’ve fought and killed dozens of times now. The unstable Falcon was one thing; it was not an enemy you had fought dozens of times. At least the unstable Frost Acolyte apparently has a new move. It’s a back dash. Which doesn’t really drastically change how you should approach this fight. So just do what you always do.

When the unstable Frost Acolyte does his spin attack, stay out of range, then hit him with a charged attack when he’s vulnerable. When they use their large vertical swings, dodge them and launch a heavy attack on their backs. When they slam the iron balls together, remember that they’ll often follow up that attack with a second, faster version. Simply fight this unstable automaton like you fight the regular version. Once you have eliminated the unstable frost acolyte, activate the vestal and collect all the items around the church (especially the memory sitting in front of the doors).

Faubourg Saint Germain

Back in the Faubourg, go down the stairs. On your left, there is a breakable wall. Take him down, but prepare to be ambushed. There is a Pickaxe-Wielding Automat on your right. So before you go get the glittering alchemical capsules in the middle of the stage, take out this automaton; their buddy will then try to fight you. Once you have killed the automatons, grab onto the ledge above to get the Noble Spirit. Now go back through the hole in the wall and go down the stairs.

You can talk to more citizens here, but there are no quests to do or anything (for now, at least). You will also have another Pilliary Ram Automat to kill. Now, if you keep following the path, you’ll end up in the graveyard. Catch the warrior spirit sitting in front of a mausoleum, and kill the Ball-And-Chain Automat. Open the door and you’ll open the area of ​​the church where you fought the unstable Frost Acolyte.

Go back down the steps that lead you beyond this wall that you have crossed, but this time, take a right. Now climb onto the platform using your grappling hook. Launch over the wall, drop down to the street below, and prepare to face a squad of three automatons. There will be a standard automaton, a Pick-Axe automaton, and a Ball-And-Chain wielding automaton. Once you’ve scrapped them, collect all the items in the area, including a Noble Spirit.

From there, follow the path and open the door to the previous sections of the stage. If you look around you will find a downed automaton with a Noble Spirit on it. Now look for a vulnerable section of a wall, knock it down and you’ll find another downed automaton that will have the level 2 Lasting Affliction mod.

Near this automaton will be a house with a balcony that you can access with a grappling hook. Hook up there and you’ll find a mod key. Then, exit through the other balcony, perform an aerial dash on the balcony of the building opposite, then jump into the street below.

At one end of the street will be a downed automaton with cast iron on it; the other end will be patrolled by a Falcon-type automaton. Once you take out the Falcon, go around the corner and pick up the Noble Spirit. Then aerial sprint across the river. You have officially arrived at the hotel. Get ready to fight the treasurer of the Invalides.

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