Man says he didn’t do anything wrong, rushes into apartment | New

A non-functioning taillight led to a drug arrest on October 23.

Madisonville Police Officer Cameron Foister said he was on Highway 411 just before 2:30 a.m. when he saw a car turning onto Warren Street with the passenger side tail light off.

Foister said he followed the car to an apartment complex where it turned into a driveway and stopped. Foister said the driver got out of the car and started walking towards Foister’s patrol car, but Foister told him to stop.

The man stopped, then said he didn’t know what he had done wrong, then walked back to his car, opened the door and held out his hand.

Foister said he told the man to stop and show his hands and instead the man ran into his apartment and slammed the door.

Foister said he told the man to get out of the apartment and opened the door and stood there. Foister told him to come out and get to the ground so that he could be handcuffed.

The man eventually got out and was handcuffed and identified as John Weylon Quinn.

A search of his car then uncovered a glass pipe and a bottle of Advil containing suspected Suboxone.

On the way to jail, Foister said Quinn started banging his head against the window and kicking him.

Quinn, 32, has been charged with escaping arrest, resisting arrest, possession of Suboxone, possession of drug paraphernalia and petty violation.

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