Mantova Village News – The Weekly Villager

Mantova – Ahead of the last regular meeting, the village council held a public budget hearing to allow residents to comment on the village’s 2023 draft budget. As no residents provided comments, no changes were made to the proposed budget. During the legislative portion of the regular meeting, council approved Ordinance 2022-25 approving and adopting a permanent budget for 2023. The approved budget will be submitted to the Portage County Auditor by July 20, as stipulated in the legislation.

In other news, citizens were asked to comment on pending pet legislation in the village. Ordinance 2022-29, which was in second reading that evening, enacts section 400.011 of the zoning code, which limits residents of the village to a maximum of four pets. Resident Kevin Maloney, who lives on Reservoir Drive, urged council to make decisions on a case-by-case basis. He noted: “Imposing a restriction on all residents based on an incident that happened is not right.” He shared that the issue that brought a restriction to the fore was an extreme situation. Maloney noted that as an individual who works with several dog foster organizations, this order would limit the ability of responsible pet owners like him to continue this necessary charitable activity.

The Council has approved special event forms to allow for a Friday night Farmers and Makers Market in the State Route 44 green space. The market is held July 22, August 12 and August 26. In a similar vein, the R44 cafe received approval to host live music in the mini-park outside their establishment on those same evenings. The Mantua Potato Festival will take place at Buchert Park from September 9-11.
In his report, Village Engineer Gene Arters noted that the Buchert Park Phase Three project remains on schedule for summer 2022. He noted that documents for the ODNR Natureworks grant have been received; the grant application is due in mid-July. Finally, Arters noted that the village had received small government funding for work on West Franklin Street. The project was higher than expected due to the dramatic increase in construction costs in 2022. As such, the village asked him to know if the loan amount could be increased to cover the difference. Since the OPWC will not allow it, the village declined the small government funding and re-applyed for the next cycle with the same project scope and an increase in estimated project costs.

Finally, the crumbling steps that led from the State Rout 44 sidewalk to the front of the town hall were removed by the Service Department. It was determined that few, if any, residents used the steep steps to access the main entrance to the police station, so the cost of repairs was not justified.

Finally, Susan Steinberg of the Rotary Club of Mantua noted that Rotary member Sandy Karm donated two ADA-approved wheelchair-accessible picnic tables to the village of Mantua. The tables are designed to allow wheelchair access in the middle of one side of the table. The tables were placed in the two pavilions of Buchert Park in Mantua. Rotary members helped Karm and his family place these tables in the park; the tables are dedicated to the memory of Sandy’s late husband, Dale Karm.

The next regular meeting of the village council will take place on Tuesday, July 19 at 7:00 p.m.; residents are encouraged to attend.

Pictured above – Sandy Karm with the ADA accessible picnic tables added to Buchert Park in memory of her husband Dale Karm. (photo courtesy of Susan Steinberg)