Marathon Village Recap: Board Passes “Trash” Law – Cortland Voice

(Photo source: Facebook page of the village of Marathon)

The Marathon Village Board at its meeting on Wednesday voted unanimously to pass its first local law of 2022, which is the Village Litter Ban.

The law takes effect immediately in the village, Mayor Scott Chamberlin said.

According to the dialogue of the law, the object of the law is as follows:

“…declares that a clean, healthy and attractive environment is of vital importance to the continued general well-being of its citizens, and that the regulation of the deposit, accumulation or maintenance of waste, amount, is hereby prohibited to the provisions set forth herein By passing this law, the (village) declares its intention to preserve and promote a reasonable amount of environmental and aesthetic and to prohibit actions and behavior that tend to depreciate not only the property on which it is located, but also the property of others in the neighborhood and the community at large.

Local law further states that the Village Enforcement Officer may “enforce the provisions” of it for the following:

  • Garbage (essentially “putrescible animal and vegetable waste”, specifies the law)
  • General garbage
  • Unwanted accessory vehicles (abandoned or scrapped trailers and motorhomes)
  • Unwanted devices
  • Junk furniture
  • Undesirable manufactured structures
  • Waste storage areas
  • Garbage, clutter, trash and debris
  • And more

Exclusions from this law include:

  • Drink
  • Lawn, yard or garden ornaments and tools
  • Exploitable farms
  • Hoses and sprinklers
  • Storage
  • Construction materials and equipment

According to the law, any resident of the village who violates the provisions of the law can face:

  • A maximum fine of $250 or a maximum jail term of 15 days
  • Or a civil fine not exceeding $500 to be recovered by the village in a civil action

Chamberlin noted at Wednesday’s meeting that the new local law is separate from the junk car provision, which is included in the village’s zoning ordinance code.

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Village officials finalize contract with garbage and recycling company

Chamberlin has officially signed a five-year contract to make Marathon’s Blue Moose Sanitation the village’s new garbage and recycling service.

Blue Moose service in the village will begin June 1, Chamberlin said. With Blue Moose soon to provide service, weekly garbage and recycling collection will move from Thursday to Friday.

“If Friday is a holiday, (Blue Moose) will pick up Saturday,” said Chamberlin, who noted the pickup won’t be until 5 a.m.

Chamberlin mentioned that Blue Moose will provide new garbage and recycling bins to residents of the village in August.

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