Matt Chandler scandal explained as Twitter slams The Village Church pastor over inappropriate posting controversy

Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church and leader of Acts 29 International announced Aug. 28 that he would be taking an indefinite leave. It comes after the 48-year-old’s online interactions with a woman who is not his wife came to light.

Internet users have since taken to social networks, believing that his departure was well deserved.

What was the Matt Chandler scandal?

The pastor began his confession to the congregation by saying:

“I plan to be the pastor here for another 20 years, but I need to update you on some things, okay?”

Chandler went on to explain that he met a woman in a lobby at The Village Church who expressed concerns about her online interactions with one of her friends.

He added that he didn’t find anything controversial about it, as his wife and his friends’ husband knew about their online messaging. He also said the woman who approached him in the lobby said something “really confusing” to him.

Matt Chandler also told the congregation that he was not involved in a “romantic” or “sexual” conversation with the woman. However, he added:

“The way it played out was in a kind of frequency and familiarity which is unwise for someone in my position.”

He went on to add that their exchanges began to take on a “crass and insane” tone that was not acceptable to “someone who has been put in the position that God has put me in.”

Matt Chandler added that after discussing the issue with the church’s elder council, he was asked to take time off to preach and teach. The pastor also said he felt “embarrassed, foolish and stupid”.

He ended the congregation by asking for forgiveness, which was greeted with applause.

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Netizens slam Matt Chandler for DM controversy

Internet users did not hold back when commenting on Chandler’s departure from his role. Many wrote online that they believed there was more to the scandal, which has not been made public. Others also criticized his apology and condemned his “arrogant” tone towards the congregation.

Many felt that this was probably not the first time Matt Chandler had gotten involved in inappropriate acts. However, the same has not been corroborated by credible sources.

A couple of tweets called out Matt Chandler for his behavior, especially as they said he had to do everything to make sure his victim “didn’t tarnish his image.”

There’s a major problem with Matt Chandler not publicly apologizing for putting this woman in a hugely inappropriate position. He had power, position and authority. Sneaking into his dms in a disturbing enough way that he was confronted in the church hall 1/

I can’t make head or tail of Matt Chandler’s DM story, but the video of him at TVC this morning was full of pride and arrogance.

@realmitchlittle Matt Chandler showed his temper on stage. I imagine it’s worse in private. My pastor boss was obsessed with his image. He made sure I deleted all inappropriate texts and threatened to kick me out if I betrayed him. I guarantee MC made sure his victim wouldn’t tarnish his image.

A lot of speculation about Matt Chandler’s situation is going on right now without knowing all the facts. If it’s the worst you imagine, it should be disqualified. Period. If it isn’t, and you hope it is, it’s a sin.

It’s hard not to feel angry at the Matt Chandler news. So many warnings ignored. SO much spiritual manipulation even in his words today. Such a long list of pastoral scandals with CLEAR patterns. Such willful blindness we have in the face of the cancer of narcissistic leaders in our churches.

Matt Chandler is a clown. I trusted him for a very long time and I’m sad to say that I’m not entirely surprised by this behavior, since TVC supports child abusers rather than abused women.…

I said Matt Chandler is a fake teacher. He is awake. His theology is bad. Acts 29, the organization of which he is the president is awakened. People attacked me left and right for this. And now he’s quitting over an inappropriate relationship. I hate to say I was right.

I know that. Pastors of mega churches like Matt Chandler, president of @Acts29, don’t have to make public announcements and take time off for a simple “dumb joke” that doesn’t cross the most serious lines. They spent a lot of time shaping this language.

This news from Matt Chandler resonates deeply with me – he was my icon as a pastor and as a man of God when I was still in church and training for ministry. His statement “I promise it wasn’t a big deal but…” today doesn’t fill me with optimism about the news to come.

Not surprised to hear about Matt Chandler. At one point I enjoyed his ministry, but over time I realized he was just a slightly softer version of Mark Driscoll.

What is the village church?

The village church ranks among the 100 largest and fastest growing churches in America. It started in 1978 as the First Baptist Church of Highland Village.

The church represents its conservative and strict Reformed theology, which has been embodied by the Acts 29 network. Their movement believes that God created men and women for their own unique roles in church and home.

Matt Chandler served as a youth pastor near Houston before attending Hardin-Simons University in Texas, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Bible.

He then continued his ministry in Dallas. In 2002 Chandler became the pastor of The Village Church. In 1999, Chandler married his wife, Lauren. The couple are raising their three children.

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