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McDonough’s moratorium on multifamily development has been extended once again.

The municipal council decided at its regular meeting on October 17 to maintain it at least until February and voted to approve an ordinance to this effect. It applies to RTD (Residential Townhouse District), RCD (Residential Condominium District), and RM-75 (Multi-Family Residential Residential) zoning districts.

A specific request for commercial rezoning has been postponed to be heard first by the Planning Commission. It was pointed out that the matter involving the Chick-fil-A development project at 50 Willow Lane had not yet passed through the Planning Commission, and a vote was taken to take this action before the city ​​council does not consider it.

An annexation item related to a five-acre parcel at 419 Parker Road was also postponed. A commercial rezoning request for 375 Jonesboro Road was removed from the agenda by the applicant via a letter submitted prior to the meeting.

The council approved proposed changes to the city’s downtown business district, which officials said were to establish interim procedures related to signage approvals.

The consent program, which was approved, included authorization for a $13,156 emergency repair to the city’s water treatment plant, a 48-month lease of print stations/ copying/scanning/color faxing at $3,846.94 per month and notification of payment of an annual $150,000 grant to the Shaquille O’Neal Boys & Girls Club.

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