! Murcia Today – Villas Caravaning appeals the suspension of its operating license for the second time

Publication date: 07/21/2022

The campsite, which was closed for non-compliance with safety rules, did not meet the requirements of Cartagena City Hall

The Cartagena City Council has decreed that the changes made by Villas Caravaning to improve its security measures are not sufficient for the campsite to regain its operating license.

The town hall suspended in May the operating license of the Villas Caravaning campsite, located in La Manga, because Caravaning Costa Cálida, SL, the management company, did not present the security and emergency plans requested by the administration.

Now the management company has decided to appeal once again.

The company understands that with all the actions that have been taken since then and with the upcoming changes that are planned to be made, an improvement to the complex can be achieved that allows it to comply with regulations and to guarantee safety.

Caravaning Costa Cálida, SL “reaches out” to the town hall to reach a consensus on the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of people in the campsite, and has asked the administration “for an urgent meeting to propose definitive solutions that give legal certainty to the company”.

This meeting will be held today, Thursday July 21, to “invest what is necessary to put an end to this situation”.

Among the measures taken to try to remedy the deficiencies in terms of fire safety are the installation of 22 new standpipes, the construction of a new standpipe and the purchase of a small fire pump.

As for the actions they plan to undertake in the future, they will focus on improving the safety of the electrical installation, by building structures to which only technicians will be able to access.

Image: Ayuntamiento de Cartagena