Officials of the Olympic Village close the road to Althea | Local News

Officials at the Olympic Village have closed the city’s Althea road to public traffic, at least temporarily.

The road could be reopened at some point, Mayor Adrianne Hulvey said.

“It’s a border road on the outskirts of the Olympic Village,” she said. “It was closed for security reasons. It was closed upstairs.

Hulvey said first responders can use the road in an emergency.

“There are rubber pylons that can be run over by a fire truck or police car if needed,” she said.

Hulvey said the Olympian Village Council of Aldermen voted unanimously on June 8 to close the road.

“The aldermen had traffic problems – speeding,” she said. “People were accelerating, driving recklessly and recklessly, and following the stop sign.

Hulvey said the board has also closed the road due to the cost of its upkeep and will no longer be servicing it, at least for now.

Representatives from the ambulance and fire districts that serve the area said they had no issues with the decision to close the road.

“The closure (of Althea) is not affecting us,” said Joachim-Plattin ambulance district administrator Curtis Stueve.

Hematite fire protection chief Robert Hipes Jr. agreed. “We can go through the rubber traffic pylons,” he said.

Hulvey said the town has not had its own police force in years, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office does not regularly patrol the town, responding to the village only for emergency calls.

So city officials are considering the possibility of contracting with the sheriff’s office for some additional form of policing, she said.

“We need patrols for the safety of our residents,” Hulvey said. “We’ll go with the sheriff’s office. We have to decide if we will go with patrols or if an assistant will be assigned to the Olympian village. The board will make the decision. “

If a deal can be made with the sheriff’s office and regular patrols begin, Olympic Village officials will likely reopen Althea, Hulvey said.

The Olympic Village board was due to discuss the procurement with the sheriff’s office on Tuesday, after the chief’s deadline.