Opening of a pet store at the Village at Rancharrah


Bone-ito is located at the cat’s corner of Dolce Vita Wellness & Medical Spa in the village of Rancharrah. Courtesy photo

Bone-ito, a new boutique that offers premium pet products, self-washing services and personalized experiences, opened last month at The Village at Rancharrah in South Reno.

“Understanding the important role pets play in our lives is part of our business,” said Staci Alonso, owner of Bone-ito and founder of the nonprofit Noah’s Animal House, in a statement. “The bones of Bone-ito are built on that same goal of ‘unconditional love’ through our commitment to raising awareness and raising funds for Noah’s.”

As part of the store’s founding, Bone-ito will support Noah’s Animal House’s mission to remove the “no pets allowed” barrier at women’s shelters in Nevada; a donation will be made to Noah’s with every purchase, according to an Oct. 28 press release.

“We believe in the healing power of pets, especially in times of crisis, and Bone-ito will be offering pet parents fun ways to show their gratitude for this unconditional love,” Alonso said. “Any buyer who leaves with a Bone-ito purse, has just helped a pet stay at Noah’s Reno, in partnership with Domestic Violence Resource Center, Step2, Eddy House and Awaken.

Bone-ito is located at 7300 Rancharrah Pkwy, Ste. 100 in the village of Rancharrah. The store is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.