Potsdam village administrators plan to repeal outdated zoning law | Business

POTSDAM — The village board will vote Monday night to schedule a March 21 public hearing for a proposed repeal of an outdated zoning law.

A local business owner told village administrators in February that the outdated code prevented Stewart’s Shops from buying two lots outside Market Street to build a new store.

Roxanne Smith, owner of the Foxy Roxy restaurant at 124 Market St., told council Feb. 21 that she was blocked from selling her land and building to Stewart’s, which plans to demolish it, along with North Country Oil Change, for welcome the new store.

Village administrator Gregory O. Thompson said in November that Stewart planned to buy Foxy Roxy’s, North Country Oil Change at 120 Market St. and residential property at 130 Market St. to build his second gas station and his convenience store in the village. The other store is at 26 Maple Street.

The village’s zoning law prohibits businesses that sell gas from being within 300 feet of a residence.

“I don’t understand why the variance was denied for us, yet every other company on Market Street got the variance,” Ms Smith said, adding that she had a contract with Stewart’s that will be canceled after June 30. . “It affects the real estate of all Market Street businesses.

Mayor Reinhold “Ron” J. Tischler said county planners discovered outdated laws and denied Stewart a waiver to build the new store.

“When there were 15 gas stations in the village, that was applicable,” administrator Stephen J. Warr said.

Mr Warr added that trustees are expected to vote right after the yet-to-be-scheduled public hearing, which the mayor said will take place on March 21.

“I know we don’t like to make decisions on the night of the public hearing, but that’s a no-brainer,” Mr. Warr said.

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