Prairie Village apartment owners respond to FOX4 survey

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. – Over the past week, FOX4 has reported changes to the Kenilworth apartment complex in Prairie Village.

The new owners began to cancel the leases and increase the rents. Tuesday, some residents feel a little relieved.

Many at Kenilworth Apartments still don’t know what they’re going to do, but now some of them at least have a way out.

Recently, many residents received letters on their doors telling them that their leases would not be renewed and that they would have to move in the next few months. The accommodations are being renovated and if they want to stay in the complex they will have to pay a much higher rent. In some cases up to 45%.

Denver-based landlord Avanti Residential told residents they were investing a significant amount of money in renovations and attributed the rise in rents to rising rents across the country.

As you know we have extensive renovation plans for Kenilworth. We are investing $ 30,000 to $ 35,000 per apartment in Kenilworth to upgrade this outdated community to current apartment standards, including much-needed infrastructure repairs to fix plumbing, roof leaks, deteriorating balcony fences. and in the parking lot. In addition, we have allocated $ 17,000 per apartment out of this total for the interiors alone.

Avanti Residential in a letter to residents

However, many Kenilworth residents are older and simply moving is not an easy process for them.

The resort declined to answer questions, but FOX4 continuously tried to contact them via email, phone and social media for days. We have listened to the concerns and experiences of residents and brought the issue to the attention of the City of Prairie Village, city and state legislators. Finally, Tuesday afternoon, a letter to the inhabitants proposed possible solutions even if they were not ideal.

The resort offers residents who have a rent increase of more than 10% one month’s rent free if they choose to stay in the resort for the premium rate. Residents who have “documented difficulties” will be offered $ 1,500 in moving expenses. However, the letter did not state that this would constitute a documented ordeal.

“We want all residents to continue to call Kenilworth home and hope you choose to stay. If you are moved from your apartment and received a rent increase of more than 10%, we are offering one month’s rent free to all current Kenilworth residents who choose to move into a newly renovated apartment. However, we know this option may not be achievable for everyone, and we want to make the transition easier if you run into difficulties and choose to leave Kenilworth. If you fall into the latter category, please address your request in writing to the rental office. We are offering $ 1,500 to help pay for moving expenses for those with documented hardship.

Avanti Residential in a letter to residents

Tracey O’Neill’s mother is a resident of Kenilworth Apartments and spoke to FOX4 about her mother’s situation. When the letter was sent to residents, she told FOX4 that she felt Avanti Residential was finally starting to pay attention and that was thanks to the station’s efforts.

“If they honestly do what they say it could change people’s lives and even save a few,” O’Neill said.

We understand this is a sensitive issue for many and want you to know that Avanti Residential is committed to providing compassionate and reasonable solutions to our residents as we make much-needed improvements to this apartment community. .

Avanti Residential in a letter to residents

FOX4 will continue to monitor developments as residents navigate their next steps. If you are a Kenilworth resident and would like to contact Sherae Honeycutt, you can email her at [email protected]