Proposed townhouses in Vantage Hill will allow electric vehicle charging and solar panels

The proposed Vantage Hill townhouse redevelopment in Reston (via Craftmark Homes)

A plan to redevelop part of the Vantage Hill condominium property in Reston with townhouses is in the process of final approval by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

At a November 16 meeting, the Fairfax County Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of a plan to replace an abandoned swimming pool on the property at 11600 Vantage Hill Road with 28 townhouses.

Hunter Mill District Planning Commissioner John Carter said the project is essential to help stabilize an existing affordable housing community in Reston.

“It’s a small project with a significant impact on an older neighborhood,” Carter said.

Craftmark Homes’ plan will help the 152-unit condominium on the property prepare for critical upgrades and maintenance needs. Selling the property will solve a backlog of long overdue upgrades.

In response to concerns from area residents, the developer has refined its offerings to preserve more local plans and incorporate electric vehicle charging stations.

Each townhouse unit will have the option to build a charging station and install solar panels, while condo units will have the potential for five additional charging stations, Carter said.

The developer has also amended its offerings to provide details on the construction schedule and overall site management when construction begins.

The change was made in response to concerns from residents of Villa Méditerranéenne, a residential community adjacent to the project area.