Real estate development in Andalusia announces factories to develop 30 one-of-a-kind limited edition townhouses

Andalusia Property Development, a leading property developer based in Dubai, has announced that it will be developing a new selection of limited edition properties. The 30 new limited edition townhouses included in the announcement will set new benchmarks and standards for quality real estate in the UAE.

Maya Townhouses, located in Majan, will be a benchmark for developments for their stunning exteriors and interiors. The bouquet project will feature townhouses of seven different types and options, including two finish styles, to ensure each property is a unique, self-contained piece of real estate. The development’s one-bedroom loft villas and two- and three-bedroom townhouses are the finest in luxury living. The spacious properties feature stunning eight-metre high ceilings, contemporary artistic finishes and thoughtful interiors with smart home systems and luxury living features. Prices for new townhouses will be 1.9 million.

“Andalusia will focus on developing limited edition projects to provide a limited supply and allow each buyer to have an exclusive property that has been designed with the help of expert artists and engineers,” said noted Saleh Tabakh, president of Andalucía Real Estate Development.

The limited nature of the project ensures that each home is a unique, one-of-a-kind property. The small nature of the project also allows experts to focus on each design element and develop townhouses using the best combinations of art and architecture with the latest technologies.

Founder Saleh Tabakh started the business after working in property development for 18 years, first at the famed Dubai Properties Group, then at his own brokerage to design and build unique properties with a limited supply for exclusive enjoyment of their owners. In addition to the Maya townhouses, Andalusia Real Estate Development has pioneered another real estate development project in the United Arab Emirates, the Andalous Courtyard Mall, which was completed in 2020 and has become the hallmark of its work.

The real estate company plans to launch unique new projects like this and the Maya townhouses every year for the next ten years. To learn more about Maya townhouse projects, please visit

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