Regular Bristol Village Council Meeting November 8, 2021 – West of the I


Bristol village council is due to hold a regular meeting on Monday. from 7 p.m. at the village hall.

Among the items on the agenda are:

  • Discussion and possible action regarding the polling places for 2022.
  • Discuss and consider for approval Jim Bauspies’ application 18409 122sd Street, Bristol, WI 53104 (applicant) for a change of land use plan amendment from I-1 (institutional district) to HC (road corridor district) and a change of zoning text and map amendment zoning from I-1 (Institutional District) to B -3 (Highway Business District) a conditional use permit and site plan review for a garage to restore older cars and sell cars online on a property to 20,002 93rd Street at the northwest corner of Hwy 45 & C.
  • Discuss and consider for approval Kyle Goodwin’s application 8216 198e Avenue, Bristol, W 53104 (Owner) for a conditional use permit for a 1200 square foot accessory structure for the storage of boats and vehicles on a property located on the west side of the 198e to 8216 198e Street.

The full agenda is available here.