Rivulon is looking for a 352-unit apartment project OK | New

The 280-acre Rivulon development – home to companies including Deloitte, Isagenix International and Morgan Stanley – wants to add 352 apartments.

Owner Nationwide Realty Investors is seeking a rezoning and minor master plan amendment for high-density multi-family buildings on 10.31 acres near the southwest corner of Lindsay and Pecos Roads. The site is located in the inner part of the mixed-use project and is currently zoned as a business park.

“I really don’t have a problem with that,” Chairman Jan Simon said during the Planning Commission study session on August 3. “I think this area needs high density, especially for the high-end employment corridor we have there.

“I would be curious to know what else in this area is already zoned for multi-family or high-density housing. Otherwise, I would have no problem approving what they ask for as long as we follow the code.

Rivulon wants to begin its next phase of development focusing on high-end multi-family housing, which would support existing and future uses on the site, according to law firm Withey Morris.

A lawyer for that company at a neighborhood meeting in June cited problems attracting office users to Rivulon. The statement was made as he presented a proposal to rezone 94 acres from commercial use to light industry.

Town planner Ashlee MacDonald told the commission that a few years ago the applicant, in proposing the Rivulon Lake office buildings, submitted a main traffic impact study for the site which included a multi-family component .

The multi-family housing proposed by Rivulon would be five stories with 28 studios, 228 one-bedroom units, 82 two-bedroom units and 14 three-bedroom units. Facilities would include a swimming pool, an open courtyard and an indoor fitness area.

The apartments are to have 536 parking spaces, but the proposal calls for 485 parking spaces – 234 covered and 90 garages. To alleviate the shortage, the parking lot would be shared with the adjacent office building.

According to MacDonald, the project emphasizes pedestrian links such as shaded walkways along the street to other uses, including nearby offices and future retail in the Rivulon development.

MacDonald said the plaintiff is asking for waivers, including increasing the height of the building to 65 feet from 55 feet. She said the zone already allows commercial buildings to be 90 feet high but not multi-family.

“The height request is consistent with what could be developed there in terms of having buildings taller than 55 feet,” MacDonald said.

Commissioner Anthony Bianchi asked if the proposal was the only known residential demand currently in Rivulon or if there were others planned for the future.

“It’s the only one we know of at the moment,” MacDonald replied.

Bianchi said that given the size and uniqueness of Rivulon, he understood why the request was made to add another use like this.

But, he said, he would like to hear specifically from the applicant why the location was chosen instead of somewhere closer to existing amenities unless there were more amenities close to the site. selected.

Staff did not say when the proposal would return for formal action.

Commissioner David Blaser withdrew from the discussion.

According to staff, a virtual neighborhood meeting was held on the proposal on March 28, but no one from the public attended.

In addition to the existing offices at the Rivulon site, other tenants include a Mercedes-Benz dealership, an Esporta fitness center, Valley Taproom and restaurants including Jersey Mike’s Subs, Sauce Pizza & Wine and Wildflower.