“Saw smoke coming from my neighbor’s house”: A quick 911 call saves several units in London, Ontario.

The swift actions of a neighbor next door have potentially saved many people from being displaced from their homes in London, Ontario. Monday.

“I went out shopping and when I came back I looked up at the front of my house and could see black smoke coming out of my neighbor’s house so I immediately called. 911, ”says Tina Earl, who lives in a townhouse complex. at 824 Dundalk Dr.

Per the 911 operator’s instructions, Earl went to the adjacent unit and knocked, but his neighbor was not home. She took her dog out and contacted the neighbors.“Everyone was safe, the firefighters were there in what seemed like seconds,” Earl said. Crews arrived and were able to enter, while performing search and rescue, before confirming that no one was home.

“We are also able to put out the fire very quickly and now we are just doing a makeover,” said Scott Turnbull, district manager with the London Fire Department.

“I think it was a piece of furniture at this point. It’s smaller units, sometimes a little harder to move with a fire hose and then all the gear they’re carrying and again a great job done by everyone involved. Luckily there is no extension of damage to neighbor’s units, but there is a bit of a smell. We checked with our meters and we don’t have any ratings, so that’s what the environment is safe. “

Turnbull credits Earl with the quick call, which helped crews arrive quickly and limit damage.

“The scary thing about all of this is that if I lived right next door, it’s like my whole life is gone,” says Earl, who is happy to be able to return home. “I should have been at work this week but I’m on vacation this week for Christmas. So there’s a reason I was off this week and hopefully that will prevent that from happening.”Fire crews inspect a unit at 825 Dundalk Dr. in London, Ontario. after a fire at the townhouse complex on Monday, December 20, 2021. (Brent Lale / CTV News)She says the man who lives in the unit next door was not at home because he goes to work out of town on a farm every morning. The owner of the complex was trying to contact him.

“I feel very bad for him,” Earl said of the man who lived there for what she believed to be at least 20-25 years old.

“I know he’s going to his mom’s for Christmas, so I hope he can stay there for a while until he fixes the unit. But I’m just glad he wasn’t there. home when it happened because it could have been a much worse tragedy than it is right now. “

There is no confirmed cause of fire or damage estimate, but the unit is uninhabitable at this time due to smoke damage.

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