Seniors apartment complex has no air conditioning for days

An Orlando seniors’ apartment complex hasn’t had air conditioning for days and residents are frustrated.

People inside the Kinneret apartments in downtown Orlando didn’t have air conditioning for days. The air conditioning in one of the buildings broke down two weeks ago, but it has been fixed. Then, on Thursday, the building lost the air conditioning again, and it has been out of service since Saturday evening.

A resident said it was 80-90 degrees inside his apartment for the past few days.

“Oh, we’re all upset. We’re all upset,” resident David Ruiz Castro said. “Sometimes we have to open the doors, and that’s how it is. It’s terrible. Someone could die.”

Residents of Kinneret Flats say it is harming residents with health issues and want it resolved quickly.

“There are people who have lung problems, asthma and respiratory problems, and my thing is that someone from management should be here to ask if there is anyone who has serious problems and who doesn’t have anyone nearby that we can help in any way,” resident Anita Platt said.

Some residents left the complex on Saturday to stay with their families until the air conditioning was fixed.

“I tried to stay here last night but couldn’t sleep. It’s too hot,” said resident Benny Nieves, who will be staying with his son. “It’s a big problem, but they’re doing their best to fix it.”

There was no one available on site to speak with FOX 35 Orlando on Saturday. We contacted the apartment complex managers via email and also received no response.