South Jacksonville seeks new clerk, pending AT&T tower location


South Jacksonville is still waiting to hear about a proposed new location for an AT&T cell tower, as well as preparing to find a new city clerk.

Mawardi Bahar / EyeEm/Getty Images/EyeEm

South Jacksonville is preparing to search for a new village clerk and continues to wait for word from AT&T about a cell tower project.

Village President Richard Samples said South Jacksonville will begin advertising for a new village clerk starting this week. Clay Johnson, the former clerk, was hired on a temporary basis in April and is leaving to pursue his master’s degree.

Samples said the new clerk is expected to be appointed by both himself and the village board, although they will also be elected in April next year to serve a term that would last until in 2025.

Regarding the AT&T cell tower, Samples said South Jacksonville is still awaiting news from the company regarding suggested locations for the tower.

“They haven’t contacted us,” he said. “They scheduled and rescheduled two meetings we had with them and I haven’t heard a word from them in two weeks.”

The village council unanimously rejected AT&T’s initial proposal for the location at a meeting in May. The telecommunications company wanted to build its tower near 1810/1812 Sequoia Drive, close to the village police and fire departments. Administrators were concerned about what it would do to property values, as well as the possibility of interfering with police and fire department communications.

The samples indicated that other locations under investigation included private farmland in the South Jacksonville area and plots of land at the Prairie Land Heritage Museum, 1005 W. Michigan Ave.