Summerland Council Gives Preliminary Approval to Affordable Seniors Housing and Medical Center – Penticton News

A proposed housing project for low-income seniors that could also house a medical practice faced some pushback from the public at a Monday hearing in Summerland.

More than eighty rental units in a four-story building are planned at 13609 Dickson Avenue, currently the Legion Village Headquarters.

The first floor would be commercial space, potentially for a primary health care center.

To move forward, the project will need a rezoning by-law to allow for high-density residential operations.

At the public hearing on the matter on Monday evening, Dean Skoreyko, chairman of strata of the adjacent Cedar Estates subdivision, voiced his vehement objection to the project, which he said was in his name and on behalf of his fellow citizens.

“When they build this four-story monolith, my townhouse probably goes into darkness from December to January, with no daylight,” Skoreyko said.

“My sight, completely ruined.”

He also raised concerns about the volume of vehicular traffic such a large development would bring onto the road.

Council acknowledged his concerns, but ultimately decided the need was too great for affordable housing for seniors.

“These will be reachable housing units, so desperately needed in Summerland,” Mayor Toni Boot said.

“There is no place in Summerland that would be an ideal location for a building like this, and we really need this building. We really need affordable housing for our seniors, we really need a primary care clinic,” Coun said. Doug Holmes.

“I think the goal should be for everyone in Summerland to have a family doctor, so that’s all part of that. There’s no better place for either… I think any the community will support this.”

The board voted unanimously to give the bylaw changes a third reading, ready for adoption at a later meeting.