Sussex P&Z seeks more information on Black Hog Village

A revised site plan for Black Hog Village along New Road near Lewes will have to await approval from the Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission.

At its June 24 meeting, the committee reviewed the amended plan and deferred a vote to obtain more information on a proposed milestone on the new site plan, which includes six commercial buildings.

Commissioner Kim Hoey Stevenson said she was sure nearby residents hadn’t bought their homes thinking they should listen to someone else’s music until 11 p.m. “What can we do to make sure these people are taken care of? ” she asked. “I would like to know what the plan is so as not to make life miserable for someone who is trying to put their baby to sleep.”

“We don’t have that technical detail, and if it’s something the commission wants to see, you can’t take any action and we can bring it back,” Sussex County Planning and Zoning Director said , Jamie Whitehouse.

Hoey Stevenson also asked about interconnectivity with other business ventures in the area, including Old World Breads. “Right now there is a dirt road running through the whole property,” she said.

County planner Lauren DeVore said Delaware Department of Transportation officials have requested that vehicle access be prohibited and that three barricades be placed between the plots.

The original preliminary site plan was approved by the commission on October 11, 2018. The proposed changes to the plan include reducing the total area of ​​commercial space from 550 square feet to 21,818 square feet, a reduction of seven parking spaces, bicycle parking for the adjacent Lewes-to-Georgetown trail, an outdoor stage, two raised decks and a porch. Five of the six commercial buildings proposed on the plan have a reduced or enlarged area.

The claimant has coordinated with state transportation officials for landscaping and a shared-use trail along New Road, which is part of the Historic Lewes Byway. The applicant requests that landscaping along the road front be postponed until the Nassau Road and New Road Improvement Project is completed.

The 5 acre parcel in a commercial area just north of the Nassau Road intersection has two trail access points. At a hearing on the project, attorney Hal Dukes said the project would become a launching point for the trail and the mall would benefit from its proximity to the trail with parking and access.

His partners in the project are Sean and Darin McMahon, owners of Activ Pest Solutions. According to the plan, the existing Activ Pest Solutions building will be demolished and operations will be moved to another area of ​​the plot.

Dukes said it was too early in the process to name specific businesses, but they are considering a bike shop, ice cream shop, and food court, among other businesses on the property. He said the design of the buildings will be unique, with one resembling an old train station and others resembling a grain elevator and barn. “We expect people to park there and cycle there, but also for shopping, eating and drinking,” he said.

The project takes its name from Black Hog Gut, a nearby stream and wetlands.

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