The effort to “save our village” will continue | Letters to the Editor

This letter follows the letter to the editor published on June 17, 2022 entitled “We should support apartments with conditions”.

The person who wrote the letter said a lot of things that are plain and simple wrong, divisive and hateful. Organizers opposing the proposed apartment complex within Meadowcrest are not against affordable housing, but have acted purely out of concern and love for the community. None of the alleged inflammatory statements were ever voiced to the residents. All of the concerns expressed were valid and not adversarial.

The Save Our Village LLC grassroots group has worked very hard to educate Meadowcrest residents about the possible effects of building a three-story apartment complex with 170-220 units in our restricted-deed community. The main points being: a huge concrete and asphalt complex that becomes the face of our community instead of our beautiful park, a different use of land, an increasing pressure on our private roads maintained by residents and a different use of lands.

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The majority of Meadowcrest residents care about preserving the integrity and tranquility of our community, as evidenced by the overwhelming response of support the Save Our Village group has received. We will continue our efforts to save our village. Carol Switzerland

Meadow Ridge