Town of Wellsville Officials Praise Teamwork | News

WELLSVILLE – The village’s new director of public works has only been in post for a month, but he’s already impressed with what he sees.

Speaking to the village board last week at its last meeting in 2021, Dean Arnold said he enjoys cooperation between departments.

“Regardless of the service, these guys are on duty all the time,” he said. “Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, they are there, whatever the case, for the good of the community.

The accolade came after Arnold told “a little story” to the board. He said: “On December 24 at around 4:30 am, I got a call from Brad Mattison, Assistant Director of Public Works, Riverside Drive.

“When I arrived, Dan Gardner, the underground utilities supervisor and his team, Chris Lounsbury and Jim Fisher, were on site. Mattison, Bud Carlin and Austin Crawford from the streets department helped fix the leak.”

Dalton Grimes from the Electrical Department was also on site, sent by Ryan Stisser. Arnold said they quickly set up traffic control for one lane.

“After the gas company marked the gas lines, they isolated the leak and began digging and repairing the water line,” he said. “All water services were restored at 11 am. That morning I contacted Mayor (Randy) Shayler to advise him of the break. I want to thank him for stopping by. the scene and showing her support. “

Shayler said he also received a call from a resident thanking them for their prompt attention to the issue.

After Deputy Mayor Jeff Monroe thanked the firefighters for their swift response to two fires in recent weeks, Chief John Fleischman expressed his thanks to the Police Department and the Public Works Department.

“Dean (Arnold) was there, and they immediately cut the utilities and the police were there to help,” Fleischman said, thanking everyone for their help.

Shayler commented, “The village is very lucky to have the people we have. “

A very quick meeting followed with the only motion approved, for a fundraiser for the fire department. The 6th Annual 9-Pin No-Breakdown Doubles Bowling Event will take place on February 26 at Bowl ‘M Over lanes starting at 6 p.m.

Monroe also responded to a question regarding the Cannabis Committee, whose formation was approved in late November after a controversy erupted over the establishment of marijuana dispensaries and / or consumption lounges in the village.

Monroe was named the committee leader.

Regarding the status of the committee, Monroe said, “I’m always looking for more members. I have three, but I would like to have five. I plan to have our first meeting in January. “

The committee’s goal, he said, is either to end the controversy or to see if there is support for setting up clinics and / or lounges in the village in the future.

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