Townhouse’s helping hand for Harbor Island students


ROMALIA’S Townhouse donated 65 backpacks and 36 drawstring bags with assorted school supplies, nutritional snacks and toiletries to Harbor Island All Age School last month.

The school bags were presented to grade 10 and 11 students at Romalia’s Townhouse and the drawstring bags along with pencils, binders, presentation slides and more were given to Assistant Principal Lucy Longley for distribution and use by the ‘school.

North Eleuthera High School and several young children in the neighborhood near Romalia Townhouse also benefited from the remaining surplus of school supplies and toiletries.

Representatives from Romalia’s Townhouse also presented Aloa Higgs with the 2021 scholarship and a laptop. Ms Higgs was kind enough to share her moment with her classmate Amelia Grant, the recipient of the 2020 Legacy Scholarship who received her award last year without an event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aloa was a Grade 11 Prefect and was recently elected Principal. She has already distinguished herself as a budding entrepreneur and owns a hand crochet business called “Yarn It Up”. She offers crochet ideas such as swimsuits, clothes, hats, masks and other creative items. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer and can’t wait to study fashion design and showcase her creative products to the world. During that time, she pledges to maintain a high GPA, stay on the principal’s roster, and earn her National High School Diploma.

Amelia is in grade 12 and looks forward to graduating, pursuing higher education and making her mark in the Harbor Island community. She has a marked love and interest in photographing nature, beaches, animals, food and other intriguing things. She hopes to attend an arts and design college with a focus on interior design, photography, and videography. She has a double interest in becoming an artist and / or a pharmacist.

The Romalia’s Townhouse Legacy Scholarship is awarded in memory of Romalia Bethel Albury, whose vacation home is named after. She was an educator from the age of 14 and taught in public and Catholic schools on Harbor Island. In the late 1980s, she retired from teaching at St Thomas More Catholic Elementary School in Nassau. Her love for family and the youth of our country extended beyond academics in the classroom as she gave piano lessons at home. Her strong commitment to faith kept her family together.

The schoolbag program is dedicated to the memory of Romalia Bethel Albury, Regina Albury Nixon-Johnson and Sr Cecilia Albury, OSB. Romalia is the grandmother of the owner of Romalia’s Townhouse, Regina is his mother and Sr. Cecilia is his aunt. Regina and Cecilia, daughters of Romalia, both supported and participated in scholarship, laptop and school bag programs from the start in 2017 until their demise in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Lorette and her husband Marlon Soudatt are committed to keeping the legacy of these three phenomenal women alive and giving back to the island where they were born and served.

Special thanks go to Delta Airlines and Seacor Island Lines for donating the cost of freight. Delta Air Lines shipped the binders and supplies from New York to Fort Lauderdale and Seacor Island Lines shipped the items from Fort Lauderdale to Harbor Island, Bahamas. Both companies continue to give back to many people around the world every year.

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