Village Festival is expected to return this year | News

NORTH PROVIDENCE — After what organizers and festival-goers considered a hugely successful inaugural event, the North Providence Village Festival in Centredale is set to return for a second round in 2022.

Councilman Steven DiLorenzo said the festival, which ran from September 10-12 last year, Friday through Sunday, will follow the same schedule this year.

“Here we go,” he said ahead of a Tuesday evening council meeting this week, where he was expected to ask colleagues for support.

The council’s contribution marks the unofficial start of preparations for the festival, which drew nearly 2,500 people last year.

“It’s going to be a little bigger and a little better this year,” DiLorenzo said.

One change he and other organizers expect to make this year is a slight expansion to the side street next to City Hall, Steere Avenue, to add food trucks, DiLorenzo said. He said he had thought last year, with the number of vendors booked, that the festival area on Smith Street would be completely full, but realized as the festival went on that there was room to fulfill other offers and develop the Festival.

When it comes to entertainment, DiLorenzo said he expected him to be back as part of the festival, although they haven’t really figured that out yet.

With good weather, he said, hopefully this year’s event will be just as popular as last year’s inaugural event. If there were complaints last year, he said, it may not have been big enough, with some suggesting the street be closed to Cumberland Farms.

“Everyone just wanted to see him get bigger and bigger,” DiLorenzo said.

It is not possible to extend the festival grounds that far, he said, but there is a lot to be done to expand the offer.

A negative point last year was somewhat the traffic situation at the start of the festival, due to the large number of visitors arriving at the same time.

DiLorenzo said Police Chief Alfredo Ruggiero Jr. drafted a traffic plan to ease concerns at this year’s event.