Village offers to pay half for water pipe blunder | Archives

ALLEGANY ã Jim Carls of Main Street wants the village to reimburse him for the money he spent to have copper water pipes installed when he already had copper water pipes.

Mr Carls told the village council on Monday evening that he was in Florida when he received a letter telling residents that if their water pipes were not copper they should be replaced. He said he did not know what his pipes were made of and believed the letter instructed him to find a contractor. Afterwards, he hired someone to replace the pipes.

“I didn’t know it was my responsibility to know what kind of line I had,” he said.

Dominic Papasergi, superintendent of public works for the village, said the letter said to hire a contractor if the lines were not copper. The letter was sent to all residents. He didn’t tell them what kind of pipes they had because the village doesn’t have such records. Village clerks went around and checked what lines people had for any landlords they had heard of, but did not check Mr. Carls as they could not reach him. They assumed he had no copper lines when he called the village office and said he had hired a contractor.

Mr Carls said he did not believe the village had made any effort to reach him. Mr. Papasergi disagreed.

“I think we made a good effort,” he said.

He said two letters were sent to all Main Street residents and if there was no response a village administrator tried to call the residents.

Trustee Diana Rzepka told Mr Carls the contractor should have told him his water pipe was copper.

ßWhy did the contractor replace the pipe if it was copper? I think your argument is with your contractor,” she said.

Directors Peter Wintermantel and Robert Driscoll agreed with Ms Rzepka. Village officials offered to pay $600, half the price it cost him to install new water pipes. Mr. Papasergi recommended that the village pay him this amount because village employees discovered that the old pipe was copper when the state contractor connected Mr. Carls’ old pipe to the new pipe. main water. He told the state contractors that Mr. Carls had paid to have a new water pipe installed, so they would have to change the connection to the new pipe.

Mr Carls was angry and said they should have asked him which water pipe he wanted to hook up when they discovered his original pipe was copper. He accused them of trying to cover up the fact that it was copper.

Mr. Papasergi said they weren’t trying to hide it. He said they changed the hookups because they thought that since he had a new pipe installed, that’s the one he wanted to connect to the main water line. He added in retrospect that state contractors and village employees should have told him what happened when they discovered the old line was also copper.

Although Mr. Carls wants the village to pay for the entire project, village officials have offered no more than $600. They told him he should talk to the contractor.

Separately, Papasergi said the village received 100 gun locks to give to residents who needed them. Residents can go to the town hall to pick them up.

Village officials also agreed to launch a 2000 Ford Expedition for a bid of $17,500. Officials will open bids for the vehicle before their next meeting on October 20.