Village to improve crossings at 17th Avenue, Cedar Road and Falls Road | Ozaukee County News | News graphic

GRAFTON – Residents can expect improvements to two pedestrian crossings in the Village of Grafton, as the Falls Road and Cedar Drive crossing and the 17th Avenue crossing near Centennial Park will each receive more signage and markings to ensure drivers are aware of pedestrians.

The Public Works Council met on Monday, and resumed the intersections. According to Linda Dean of the village’s public works department, the council decided to add features to each of the two crossings, drawing attention to them and making them more visible.

The issue of level crossings was raised earlier this summer at the June and July meetings of the Public Safety Commission. A number of residents have expressed concern about the amount and speed of traffic in these areas, and the potential dangers to pedestrians if drivers are unaware of pedestrians crossing the road in these locations.

From this commission he was sent to the Board of Public Works; Police Chief Jeff Caponera told Public Safety that it’s the Public Works group that makes decisions about signage and other roadwork.

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This decision fell this week.

“There are a number of things that could be done to increase driver awareness of a crosswalk, such as adding reflectivity to sign posts, including advanced warning signs – as well as signs at the crosswalk – or add advanced yield markings on the roadway 20 to 50 feet before the crosswalk,” Public Works Director Amber Thomas wrote in a report to council for this week’s meeting.

Dean said the Public Works Board decided to go with a combination of options, including adding signs to mark crosswalk locations, both at crosswalks and 100 feet in front of them; posting red reflectors on sign posts at crossings and painting additional road markings to mark crossing areas.