Voters in the Breedsville area will decide the status of the village in November

BREEDSVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — Voters in part of Van Buren County will decide in November whether to drop the village of Breedsville.

Home to just over 200 people, Breedsville is nestled between Kalamazoo and South Haven, north of M-43.

A grassroots initiative has its status as a village is involved. Voters in Breedsville and Columbia Township will see a simple one sentence question under the local proposals section of the November 8 ballot: “Will the incorporation of the village of Breedsville be annulled?”

If the answer is yes, Breedsville would still keep its name and would no longer be an official village with its own local government. It would be governed by the rulers of Columbia Township.

Jim Puttkammer, who runs the Breedsville-based cannabis store Higher Breed, worried about the potential for dissociation because the village lit cannabis licenses but the township did not opt ​​in.

“We fear what might happen to us, what might happen to others, and even the money that comes from these companies,” Puttkammer said. “(I’m) a bit surprised why anyone would want to see (the village) dissolved.”

In a statement, the Breedsville Village Clerk said, “Council works hard for its residents. The people will decide. he added that the council was “not involved in the proposed voting language or the petition.”

Village chairman Steven Rogusta added that current village chiefs have made progress on local roads, which he said is the main concern of residents and that progress could stagnate if the area falls under a new stewardship.

“We’ve actually done so far…a full mile in total and we plan to improve it as much as we can,” Rogusta said. “I kinda expected (the proposal) but I’m shocked it was accepted.”

A disincorporation advocate, who spoke to News8 on condition of anonymity, said funding for the roads was already in place by a previous administration. The supporter added that the current board is not community-minded, its members govern secretly and local ordinances are not universally enforced.

The Van Buren County Clerk’s Office said the disincorporation requires a two-thirds majority to pass.

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