Warnock’s ex-wife files custody lawsuit

Ndoye and his attorney did not return messages seeking comment or provide the documents to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A March 2020 incident between Warnock and Ndoye while their divorce petition was pending came under intense scrutiny during his last election campaign.

Ndoye told Atlanta police he ran over her foot with his car during a heated argument outside her townhouse, and she described him as a “great actor” after he denied her claims.

Warnock was not charged with a crime and medical authorities found no visible signs of injury to his foot. Warnock told the AJC in March 2020 that Ndoye’s allegations “did not happen”.

The most recent filing involves a child custody deal finalized in April 2020 while he was campaigning for the US Senate. Although the details are private, these agreements often state that one spouse cannot move the children out of state.

In court papers, she asked a judge to review child support considerations as she plans to attend Harvard University full-time for two years.

She claimed a “substantial change in circumstances relating to the welfare of the children” after the Warnock victory, and she alleged in the filing that her ex-husband failed to reimburse her for certain childcare expenses she had engaged during the time he was to be with the children.

The filing singled out certain days of the week when Warnock was supposed to have responsibility for the children under the agreement, but can no longer because of his Senate duties.

“The failure of (Warnock) to repay (Ndoye) has left (Ndoye) strapped for money, leaving the children in her care when she should be concentrating on work and school responsibilities. “, says the folder.

Ndoye also claimed that when Warnock reimbursed her, “it was often accompanied by in-depth questioning about the value and necessity of the services provided”.

Several Republicans are competing in the May 24 primary to face Warnock in November. The best-known GOP candidate is Herschel Walker, a former football player with a history of violence against women and erratic behavior who continued his campaign.