Woodland Park apartment tenants express frustration with apartment complex

An opportunity for residents to express their concerns.

Community members gathered at Anthony Oak Park on Wednesday to have an open conversation with Councilor Alex Burton about recent housing issues in the area.

A resident of opportunity, Frances Johnson, wanted to participate.

“We live in a bad environment here, it’s time to go,” Johnson said. “Everyone is listening and everyone is trying to help. We can call people in the morning and they will help us move out and try to get out of here and I appreciate that.”

After the announcement of Woodland Park Apartment tenants at risk of eviction and losing utilities, many are unsure of what they will do if and when Center Point Energy disconnects utilities next month as the credit company -lease has years of maturity on its bill.

Create a difficult situation for former resident Cheryl Touchstone.

“Right now I’m staying with different family members, you know I don’t know where we’re going to stay the next day.” said Touchstone.

With many of them angry as to where to go from here, Councilor Alex Burton overhears them.

In order to get feedback, Burton placed flyers with QR codes on residents’ mailboxes, leading them to a poll asking them what they can do to make improvements.

“The goal is definitely to make sure all residents have a voice that is heard and then to put in place an action plan to move forward.” Burton said.

During the discussion, voices were heard and city leaders plan to do what they can to ensure residents have a roof over their heads.

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